Scarab Sweepers now supplying Epoke Winter Maintenance Equipment in the United Kingdom

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Scarab Magnum roadsweeperEpoMini

EpoMini is equipped with the Epoke metering system consisting of an impellor, a delivery roller and a spring loaded rubber base which ensure an accurate and homogeneous distribution along the full width of the spreader. Like all other Epoke machines, EpoMini features surface treatment consisting of sandblasting, zinc dust priming, 2-component polyurethane base coat and a 2-component top coat.

Technical Data and Dimensions

EpoMini 20
Hopper capacity: app. 200 liters
Spreading width: 800 mm
Total width: 1065 mm
Weight: 75 kg
Cruising radius per filling
Salt: app. 25 km app.
Sand: app. 2-3 km app.

Epo 20 Dimensions

Ravo Fayat Corporation

EpoMini 5
Hopper capacity: app. 50 liters
Spreading width: 550 mm
Total width: 760 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Cruising radius per filling
Salt: app. 5 km app.
Sand: app. 1 km app.

epo5 dimensions

Ravo Fayat Corporation



pdf Epoke Mini Brochure